How Can The Queer Lounge Promote My Film

If your film is an Official Selection of one of the various Park City Film Festivals and is 1) made by a queer director or 2) has queer-content, The Queer Lounge can help you publicize your film for FREE.

Consider The Queer Lounge a great place to promote your film, especially if you are an independent filmmaker or producer who may not have the means to hire a publicist for your Selected film. You’ve already gone through the gruel of making your film. Rest easier that The Queer Lounge patrons are taking note of your film, whether they be potential audience members or a distributor, talent agent or other film professional.

GUIDELINES: to submit promotional material for your film to The Queer Lounge:

Feature Films

Short Films

What If My Film Didn't Get Into A Festival

The Queer Lounge can still assist you. Although we cannot place your information on daily schedules or as a poster on the wall, please feel free to use our resources.

Bring a clip of your film on DVD or on ˝ in. VHS tape, and you can sign-up to show this clip to a friend, a director, a producer you happen to meet, etc. at our Viewing Stations (Clips and trailers must be under 20 minutes).