The Queer Lounge Mission

Why The Queer Lounge? *Studies show that gay and lesbian consumers are more likely to watch independent films, and up to 5 times more inclined to attend and rent movies, and yet for this group’s support of film on the whole, little has come back to benefit queer-cinema specifically. Although there’s been a recent proliferation and success of queer-content on television with Queer as Folk, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Will & Grace and The Ellen Show, queer-content films are still few and their successes far between. The Queer Lounge hopes to do its part in changing that scenario: by providing a space where professional networking for film is easy; by educating people about the process of filmmaking through panels and guest speakers; by exposing attendees to the top professionals in the filmmaking field; and by serving as a beacon not only for the queer filmmakers, film professionals and film enthusiasts who are veterans of Sundance and the other Festivals, but for those who have only dreamed of going to the Park City Festivals and who are now encouraged to go by the possibilities of Community.

As the adage goes, making movies is all about “who you know.” The Queer Lounge will serve to facilitate making connections between filmmakers and distributors; between producers and financiers; directors and actors or editors. Its goal is to strengthen the ties of the queer film community, nationally and internationally, and to help make a minority voice in film heard.

*Study from PlanetOutPartners, Inc.

Why the Park City Film Festivals? Of all the Festivals, Sundance is the premier film festival for independent film in North America. Because queer-content films have traditionally been made through independent means, there are a great number of queer filmmakers, talent and attendees of the Sundance Film Festival. Up until now, events that celebrated queer filmmaking have been scattered throughout the course of the Festival. The Queer Lounge will consolidate the information about the goings-on for queer films—the times and places of screenings, the events and mixers associated with the films and serve as a central place for queer and queer-friendly film professionals and film enthusiasts to gather on a consistent basis.