Film Schedule


8:30AM     Short     PAPILLON D’AMOUR (In Frontier Shorts)
Holiday Village Cinema II
Director: Nicolas Provost
(Belgium; 2003; 4 MIN; B/W; Sony HD Cam) The power and mystery of Rashomon revisited.

8:30AM     Short     PICTURES FROM DOROTHY (Frontier Shorts)
Holiday Village II
Director: Kevin Jerome Everson
(USA; 2003; 6 MIN; Color; 35mm) This little Dorothy reveals a very different Oz.

9:15AM     Feature     EASY
Eccles Center
Director: Jane Weinstock
(USA; 2003; 99 MIN; Color; 35m) In this winning ensemble comedy, a flamboyant Australian bisexual television producer is dying to have a baby, but when her girlfriend drops her, she succumbs in a weak moment to a convenient man.

Treasure Mountain Inn
Director: Bill Domonkos
(USA; 6 MIN; Animated; Mini-DV) A lavish chiaroscuro montage of 2D and 3D animation, still photography and hand drawn images, THE FINE ART OF POISONING seduces the viewer into an elegant netherworld of deceit, plotting, and secretly-served revenge.

11:30AM     Short     bobbycrush (Precedes HARRY AND MAX)
Library Center Theatre
Director: Cam Archer
(USA, 2003; 10 MIN; Color; 35mm) A young boy learns the painful lesson of unrequited love.

11:30AM     Feature     HARRY AND MAX
Library Center Theatre
Director: Christopher Münch
(USA; 2003; 75 MIN; Color; 35mm) A dark drama centering on the troubled relationship between two brothers whose dependency on one another is more than just familial.

12:00PM     Feature     D.E.B.S.
Egyptian Theatre
Director: Angela Robinson
(USA; 2004; 90 MIN; Color; 35mm) Cameron, eat your heart out! The D.E.B.S., America’s all-girl strategic defense team, must go into action when one of their own is kidnapped by ruthless archenemy Lucy in the Sky. But when a kiss is shared between Lucy and her captive, D.E.B.S. gleefully becomes everything CHARLIE’S ANGELS couldn’t be.

Noon     Short     WELCOME TO LIFE (In Shorts Program IV)
Yarrow Hotel Theatre
Director: Jowan Carbin
(USA; 2002; 15 MIN; Color; 35mm) With a pact to be friends forever, two young boys begin a journey that shatters their innocence.

1:00PM     Feature     IMELDA
Sundance Village
Director: Ramona S. Diaz
(USA; 2003; 103 MIN; Color/B&W; Sony HD Cam) From her early days as a Beauty Queen to her whirlwind romance with the future President of the Philippines, IMELDA is a captivating and haunting all-access portrait of one of the world’s richest and most influential women.

2:30pm     Feature     DIG!
Holiday Village II
Director: Ondi Timoner
(USA; 2003; 110 MIN; Color; Sony HD Cam) Shot over seven years, DIG! reveals the turbulent friendship between two of rock’s most gifted musicians, Anton Newcombe of the Brian Jonestown Massacre, and Courtney Taylor, frontman for the Dandy Warhols.

Prospector Square Theatre
Director: Harry Thomason and Nickolas Perry
(USA; 2003; 89 MIN; Color) Harry Thomason and Nickolas Perry's incendiary documentary offers a provocative look into the partisan battles behind the campaign to systematically dismantle the Clinton legacy.

5:30PM     Feature     THE PRINCIPLES OF LUST
Holiday Village Cinema II
Director: Penny Woolcock
(UK; 2003; 108 MIN; Color; 35mm) A writer suffering from writer’s block meets two captivating individuals, a charismatic risk-seeker and a single mother, whom both entice him out of his languor and reawaken his desire to live again.

6:00PM     Feature     LOVE BY MISTAKE
Egyptian Theatre
Director: Gerardo Chijona
(Spain/Cuba; 2003; 91 MIN; Spanish with English Subtitles; 35mm) In this lively and entertaining sexual farce, a writer desperate to finish his long-awaited novel becomes distracted by the carnal demands of his temperamental mistress, an ambitious young journalist, and his lonely wife.

Holiday Village III
Director: Julian Hernandez
(Mexico; 2003; 80 MIN; Spanish with English Subtitles; B&W; 35mm) A young man wanders the streets of Mexico City in search of love in this audacious, cinematically sweeping     Feature     of impassioned, isolated encounters and the quest for something deeper.

6:30PM     Feature     LOVE IN THOUGHTS
Eccles Theatre
Director: Achim von Borries
(Germany; 2003; 90 MIN; English Subtitles; Color; 35mm) Set in prewar Weimar Germany, Achim von Borries’ film depicts the decadent four-day orgy of sex, drugs and booze initiated by two promiscuous siblings and their poet best friend in the determination to be happy or die

8:30PM     Shorts     CURTIS (In Shorts Program VI)
Prospector Square Theatre
Director: Jacob Akira Okada
(USA; 2003; 34 MIN; Color; Sony HD Cam) The spectacular life, extravagant times, and brilliant art of Curtis Wheeler.

9:00PM     Feature     HAUTE TENSION
Egyptian Theatre
Director: Alexandre Aja
(France; 2003; 85 MIN; French with English Subtitles; Color; 35mm) Two young college girls, one deeply infatuated with the other, head off to the countryside for the weekend, but must first deal with the brutal and gory intrusion of a bloodthirsty madman (portrayed with gusto by Phillipe Nahon).

9:30PM     Feature     BRIGHT YOUNG THINGS
Eccles Center
Director: Stephen Fry
(United Kingdom; 2003; 105 Min; Color; 35mm) Adapted from Evelyn Waugh’s novel Vile Bodies, 1930s London’s dazzling high-society are captured at their most playful and their most wicked in this tale of a young man’s attempts to marry society’s most popular girl. Set against Britain’s changing social backdrop on the eve of world war, BRIGHT YOUNG THINGS is a as much a celebration of life as it is a meditation of innocence lost. Starring Emily Mortimer, Stephen Campbell Moore, Jim Broadbent, Dan Aykroyd, and Sir Peter O'Toole.

9:30PM     Feature     SAVED!
Trolley Corners Theatre, SLC
Director: Brian Dannelly
When a devout Baptist teenager’s boyfriend confesses that he’s gay, a vision from Heaven instructs her to sleep with him. But when things don’t go as planned, she becomes hell-bent to make her straying boyfriend follow the straight-and-narrow. Starring Jena Malone, Mandy Moore, Macaulay Culkin, and Heather Matarazzo.

9:45PM     Feature     SPEAK
Broadway Centre Cinema, SLC
Director: Jessica Sharzer
(USA; 2003; 92 MIN; Color; Sony HD Cam) An emotionally traumatized young woman refuses to speak, isolating herself from her friends and family. With the support of her outgoing art teacher (an outstanding Steve Zahn), she gradually learns to open up again, and express herself using art as her means.

11:30PM     Short     PHASE 5 (In Shorts Program II)
Prospector Square Theatre
Director: Solomon Burbridge
(USA; 2003; 8 MIN; Color; Sony HD Cam) When was the last time you saw Mink Stole in an infomercial? Honey Lauren as a vitamin crazed Orange County housewife?

11:30PM     Short     SPOKANE (In Shorts Program II)
Prospector Square Theatre
Director: Larry Kennar
(USA; 2003; 29 MIN; Color; Sony HD Cam) Two men ditch a boring wedding, escaping to a parking lot, a strip bar, and then a hotel room.

Midnight     Feature     HOME OF PHOBIA
Broadway Centre Cinemas, SLC
Director: Ryan Shiraki
(USA; 2004; 93 MIN; Color; 35mm) A straight college student pretends to be gay to win the heart of a beautiful coed, but when he’s unexpectedly targeted for a queer bashing, he learns a lesson no sensitivity class could teach him. Heather Matarazzo and John Goodman co-star.

Midnight     Short     HUMMER (Precedes HOME OF PHOBIA)
Broadway Centre Cinemas, SLC
Director: Guinevere Turner
(USA; 2003; 9 MIN; Color; Sony HD Cam) Casey invites her annoying friends over to meet her new "boy" toy.

Midnight     Feature     IN THE REALM OF THE UNREAL
Holiday Village IV
Director: Jessica Yu
(USA; 2003; 81 MIN; Color; Sony HD Cam) Experimental director Jessica Yu fashions a vivid and resonant homage to artist Henry Darger, who for over 60 years created a personal opus of illustrations reflecting a very personal tale unfolding within his own mind.