Film Schedule


12:30PM     Feature     IN THE REALM OF THE UNREAL
Holiday Village IV
Director: Jessica Yu
(USA; 2003; 81 MIN; Color; Sony HD Cam)
Experimental director Jessica Yu fashions a vivid and resonant homage to artist Henry Darger, who for over 60 years created a personal opus of illustrations reflecting a very personal tale unfolding within his own mind.

12:30PM     Feature     SHELTER
Treasure Mountain Inn
Director: Benno Schoberth
(USA; 2004; 80 min; Color; Mini-DV)
After the death of their mother, two estranged teenaged brothers (one a recluse, the other a Manhattan hustler) run away with their pregnant childhood friend to rebuild what’s left of their lives in a temporarily vacant luxury beach house. Starring Ray Santiago (GIRLFIGHT, PIÑERO)..

2:30PM     Feature     CON GAME
Holiday Village Cinema II
Director: Alberto (Chicho) Durant
(Peru; 2003; 98 MIN; Spanish with English Subtitles; Color; 35mm)
A ruthless con man engages seven individuals into partaking in a complex scheme were victims become culprits, and lies become truths. Set against the backdrop of ex-Peruvian President Fujimori’s crumbling government, CON GAME sets up a darkly comic tale in which vices are virtues for surviving.

3:00PM     Feature     TOUCH OF PINK
Eccles Theatre
Director: Ian Iqbal Rashid
(Canada; 2003; 91 MIN; Color; 35mm)
A closeted Ismaili Canadian (THE GURU’s Jimi Mistry) now living in London is surprised to find his mother at his doorstep ready to arrange a proper marriage to a nice Muslim girl. As his personal world and that of his tradition-bound family’s collide, none other than Cary Grant (dazzlingly played by Kyle MacLachlan) coaches him on the finer points of living in the closet!

Treasure Mountain Inn
Director: Sarah Adorable, Devon Devine
(USA; 26 MIN; Color; Video)
It’s a race between The Mohawks and The Mullets, two queer gangs in pursuit of Punk Rock Stardom who duke it out in a final showdown amidst a sea of flying condoms, fat bottom go-go dancers and the loudest punk rock show this side of Japanese Rockabilly!

6:00PM     Feature     IMELDA
Holiday Village III
Director: Ramona S. Diaz
(USA; 2003; 103 MIN; Color/B&W; Sony HD Cam)
From her early days as a Beauty Queen to her whirlwind romance with the future President of the Philippines, IMELDA is a captivating and haunting all-access portrait of one of the world’s richest and most influential women.

6:00PM     Feature     RASPBERRY REICH
Broadway Centre Cinemas, SLC
Director: Bruce LaBruce
(Germany; 2004; 90 MIN; English Subtitles; Color/B&W; HD Cam)
Film provocateur Bruce LaBruce returns with this tale of a female terrorist who kidnaps a rich capitalist’s son with the help of her strapping male cohorts, whom she forces to have sex with each to rid them of their bourgeois heterosexual desires!

6:00PM    Short    STAND BY (Precedes MADNESS AND GENIUS)
Treasure Mountain Inn
Director: Tony Osso
(USA; 2003; 9 MIN; Color; Video)
Gay son. Italian mother. Homophobic comment. End of the world?

6:45PM     Feature     SECOND BEST
Broadway Centre Cinemas, SLC
Director: Eric Weber
(USA; 2003; 90 MIN; Color)
A failed publishing exec turned struggling screenwriter is forced to face his inadequacies (including those he perceives in his gay son) when he attends the homecoming of his best friend, now a successful Hollywood producer. Featuring Joe Pantoliano, Jennifer Tilly, Bronson Pinchot, and Polly Draper.

Holiday Village Cinema II

Director: Kevin Willmott

(USA; 2003; 91 MIN; Color & B/W; Sony HD Cam)
What if the South had won the Civil War? Director Kevin Willmott’s satirical pseudo-doc ventures into a not so imaginary antebellum US dominated by an alliance with Hitler, an apartheid-stricken Latin America, and chattel slavery of all non-Aryans.

8:30PM     Short     HABANA HOLIDAY (Precedes ARAKIMENTARI)
The Gallery
Director: Chris Maher
(USA; 2003; 5 MIN; Spanish with English Subtitles; Color; Video)
An American tourist in Havana takes his DV camera into the local demimonde of male hustlers, and ends up answering some pointed questions.

8:30PM     Feature     MEAN CREEK
Prospector Square Theatre
Director: Jacob Aaron Estes
(USA; 2003; 87 MIN; Color; 35mm)
A group of young men set out on a boat trip to celebrate the birthday of the youngest member. What begins as a journey into the wilderness becomes a journey towards self-discovery when the sexual orientation of one of their father’s is revealed. Featuring Rory Culkin.

8:30PM     Short     A WOMAN REPORTED (Precedes MEAN CREEK)
Prospector Square Theatre
Director: Chris J. Russo
(USA; 2004; 5 MIN; Color; 35mm)
In the brief moments before a hate crime, a young woman imagines her escape. Starring Moira Kelly and Kasi Brown.

9:00PM     Short     TOMO (Precedes OPEN WATER)
Broadway Centre Cinemas VI
Director: Paul Catling
(UK; 2003; 20 MIN; Color; HD Cam)
After their spaceship crashes, two survivors are left to battle the frost, their loneliness, and deep feelings for one another.

9:30PM     Short     bobbycrush (Precedes HARRY AND MAX)
Tower Theatre, SLC
Director: Cam Archer
(USA, 2003; 10 MIN; Color; 35mm)
A young boy learns the painful lesson of unrequited love.

9:30PM     Feature     HARRY AND MAX
Tower Theatre SLC
Director: Christopher Münch
(USA; 2003; 75 MIN; Color; 35mm)
A dark drama centering on the troubled relationship between two brothers whose dependency on one another is more than just familial.

11:00PM     Feature     HOME OF PHOBIA
Holiday Village I
Director: Ryan Shiraki
(USA; 2004; 93 MIN; Color; 35mm)
A straight college student pretends to be gay to win the heart of a beautiful coed, but when he’s unexpectedly targeted for a queer bashing, he learns a lesson no sensitivity class could teach him. Heather Matarazzo and John Goodman co-star.

11:00PM     Short     HUMMER (Precedes HOME OF PHOBIA)
Holiday Village I
Director: Guinevere Turner
(USA; 2003; 9 MIN; Color; Sony HD Cam)
Casey invites her annoying friends over to meet her new "boy" toy.

11:30PM     Feature     EVERYDAY PEOPLE
Prospector Square Theatre
Director: Jim McKay
(USA; 2003; 91 MIN; Color; 35mm)
The lives of a tight-knit group of restaurant employees are adversely impacted when their boss decides to sell off his family business. Set in contemporary Brooklyn and featuring a multicultural ensemble cast, EVERYDAY PEOPLE puts a face on the plight of those impacted by gentrification.

11:30PM     Feature     HAUTE TENSION
Holiday Village Cinema III
Director: Alexandre Aja
(France; 2003; 85 MIN; French with English Subtitles; Color; 35mm)
Two young college girls, one deeply infatuated with the other, head off to the countryside for the weekend, but must first deal with the brutal and gory intrusion of a bloodthirsty madman (portrayed with gusto by Phillipe Nahon)..