Film Schedule


8:30AM     Short     49? (In Indigenous Shorts)
Holiday Village II
Director: Sherman Alexie
(USA; 2003; 6 MIN; Color; Sony HD Cam) Celebrated poet and gay filmmaker Sherman Alexie queries the residents of Seattle on the origins of the Indian 49. Do they know?

9:00AM     Short     CURTIS (In Shorts Program VI)
Yarrow Hotel Theatre
Director: Jacob Akira Okada
(USA; 2003; 34 MIN; Color; Sony HD Cam) The spectacular life, extravagant times, and brilliant art of Curtis Wheeler.  
9:30AM     Feature     DIG!
Holiday Village IV
Director: Ondi Timoner
(USA; 2003; 110 MIN; Color; Sony HD Cam) Shot over seven years, DIG! reveals the turbulent friendship between two of rock’s most gifted musicians, Anton Newcombe of the Brian Jonestown Massacre, and Courtney Taylor, frontman for the Dandy Warhols.

10:00AM     Short     LADIES ROOM
Treasure Mountain Inn
Director: Kate Bernstein
(USA; 2004; 14 MIN; Color, Mini-DV) From sterile public schools to glitzy hotel rooms, LADIES ROOM reveals young women in their most intimate environment—the bathroom.

11:30AM     Feature     THE PRINCIPLES OF LUST
Holiday Village Cinema II
Director: Penny Woolcock
A writer suffering from writer’s block meets two captivating individuals, a charismatic risk-seeker and a single mother, whom both entice him out of his languor and reawaken his desire to live again.

12:30PM     Short     THE VIRILE MAN
Treasure Mountain Inn
Director: David Zellner
(USA; 8 MIN; Color, Mini-DV) A tragically closeted man enlists the help of a phone psychic to rationalize his actions.

2:30PM     Short     HARVIE KRUMPET (In Shorts Program I)
Prospector Square Theatre
Director: Adam Elliot
(Australia; 2003; 23 MIN; Color; 35mm) Featuring Geoffrey Rush as Harvie Krumpet, an ordinary man wading through perpetual bad luck.

3:00PM     Feature     THE GARDEN
Broadway Centre Cinemas, SLC

Director: Ruthie Shatz, Adi Barash

(Israel; 2003; 85 MIN; English Subtitles; Color; 35mm) Named after a desolate section of Tel Aviv where young male prostitutes and drug addicts converge, this disturbing yet gripping documentary explores the lives of two young men, one a prostitute the other a drug addict, as they support each other through their troubled lives.

3:30PM     Feature     CON GAME
Tower Theatre, SLC
Director: Alberto (Chicho) Durant
(Peru; 2003; 98 MIN; Spanish with English Subtitles; Color; 35mm) A ruthless con man engages seven individuals into partaking in a complex scheme were victims become culprits, and lies become truths. Set against the backdrop of ex-Peruvian President Fujimori’s crumbling government, CON GAME sets up a darkly comic tale in which vices are virtues for surviving.

3:30PM     Short     HABANA HOLIDAY (Precedes ARAKIMENTARI)
The Gallery

Director: Chris Maher
(USA; 2003; 5 MIN; Spanish with English Subtitles; Color; Video) An American tourist in Havana takes his DV camera into the local demimonde of male hustlers, and ends up answering some pointed questions.

3:45PM     Short     PHASE 5 (In Shorts Program II)
Broadway Centre Cinemas, SLC

Director: Solomon Burbridge

(USA; 2003; 8 MIN; Color; Sony HD Cam) When was the last time you saw Mink Stole in an infomercial? Honey Lauren as a vitamin crazed Orange County housewife?

3:45PM     Short     SPOKANE (In Shorts Program II)
Broadway Centre Cinemas, SLC

Director: Larry Kennar

(USA; 2003; 29 MIN; Color; Sony HD Cam) Two men ditch a boring wedding, escaping to a parking lot, a strip bar, and then a hotel room.

5:30PM     Feature     EASY
Library Center Theatre
Director: Jane Weinstock
(USA; 2003; 99 MIN; Color; 35m) In this winning ensemble comedy, a flamboyant Australian bisexual television producer is dying to have a baby, but when her girlfriend drops her, she succumbs in a weak moment to a convenient man.

6:00PM     Feature     DEAR PILLOW
Treasure Mountain Inn
Director: Bryan Poyser
(USA; 2004; 85 min; Color; Mini-DV) An ex-porn director turned porn writer and his 17-year-old protégé go from mentors to rivals when a sexy older woman comes between them, resulting in a tense and seductive game of sexual initiation and ambiguity.

6:00PM     Feature     SECOND BEST
Yarrow Hotel Theatre

Director: Eric Weber
(USA; 2003; 90 MIN; Color) A failed publishing exec turned struggling screenwriter is forced to face his inadequacies (including those he perceives in his gay son) when he attends the homecoming of his best friend, now a successful Hollywood producer. Featuring Joe Pantoliano, Jennifer Tilly, Bronson Pinchot, and Polly Draper.

6:30PM     Feature     IRON JAWED ANGELS
Trolley Corners Theatre, SLC
Director: Katja von Garnier
(USA 2003; 125 MIN; Color; 35mm) Featuring Hillary Swank and Frances O’Connor as Alice Paul and Alice Burns, two real-life women who mobilized the Suffragette movement, Garnier’s visceral tale of women’s struggle for equal rights shines a contemporary light upon a timeless struggle.

6:45PM     Short     PAPILLON D’AMOUR (In Frontier Shorts)
Broadway Centre Cinemas, SLC

Director: Nicolas Provost
(Belgium; 2003; 4 MIN; B/W; Sony HD Cam) The power and mystery of Rashomon revisited.

6:45PM     Short     PICTURES FROM DOROTHY (Frontier Shorts)
Broadway Centre Cinemas, SLC

Director: Kevin Jerome Everson

(USA; 2003; 6 MIN; Color; 35mm) This little Dorothy reveals a very different Oz.

8:00PM     Feature     TARNATION
Holiday Village I
Director: Jonathon Caouette
(USA; 2004; 100 MIN; Color/B&W; Sony HD Cam) One of the most exciting     Feature     debuts, Jonathon Caouette’s spellbinding autobiography combines past, present, and future as he is catapulted back into his horrifying family legacy to help his schizophrenic mother, who has just overdosed on her medication.

8:30PM     Feature     Book OF LOVE
Library Center Theatre
Director: Alan Brown
(USA; 2003; 85 min; Color; Sony HD Cam) A bored and complacent married couple crosses paths with an energetic 15-year old named Chet, who is promptly welcomed into their lives. Yet, an unexpected turn of events leads to a momentary indiscretion that fractures the core of their friendship. Starring Frances O’Connor, Simon Baker, Gregory Smith, and Bryce Dallas Howard.

8:30PM     Feature     EVERYDAY PEOPLE
Prospector Square Theatre

Director: Jim McKay
(USA; 2003; 91 MIN; Color; 35mm) The lives of a tight-knit group of restaurant employees are adversely impacted when their boss decides to sell off his family business. Set in contemporary Brooklyn and featuring a multicultural ensemble cast, EVERYDAY PEOPLE puts a face on the plight of those impacted by gentrification.

8:30PM     Short     TOMO (Precedes OPEN WATER)
Holiday Village Cinema II
Director: Paul Catling
(UK; 2003; 20 MIN; Color; HD Cam) After their spaceship crashes, two survivors are left to battle the frost, their loneliness, and deep feelings for one another.

9:00PM     Feature     HAUTE TENSION
Broadway Centre Cinema, SLC

Director: Alexandre Aja

(France; 2003; 85 MIN; French with English Subtitles; Color; 35mm) Two young college girls, one deeply infatuated with the other, head off to the countryside for the weekend, but must first deal with the brutal and gory intrusion of a bloodthirsty madman (portrayed with gusto by Phillipe Nahon).

9:00PM     Feature     IN THE REALM OF THE UNREAL
Holiday Village III
Director: Jessica Yu
(USA; 2003; 81 MIN; Color; Sony HD Cam) Experimental director Jessica Yu fashions a vivid and resonant homage to artist Henry Darger, who for over 60 years created a personal opus of illustrations reflecting a very personal tale unfolding within his own mind.

9:00PM     Feature     RASPBERRY REICH
Yarrow Hotel Theatre
Director: Bruce LaBruce
(Germany; 2004; 90 MIN; English Subtitles; Color/B&W; HD Cam) Film provocateur Bruce LaBruce returns with this tale of a female terrorist who kidnaps a rich capitalist’s son with the help of her strapping male cohorts, whom she forces to have sex with each to rid them of their bourgeois heterosexual desires!

9:30PM     Feature     EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH
Trolley Corners Theatre, SLC

Director: Mitch Rouse
(USA; 2003; 97 MIN; Color; 35mm) Matt Dillon plays a comfortably middle-class man who, when faced with sudden unemployment, witnesses the comic transformation of his beautiful wife (Christina Applegate) and close (maybe too close?) best friend (Steve Zahn).

11:00PM     Feature     CARANDIRU
Holiday Village

Director: Hector Babenco
(Brazil; 2003; English Subtitles; 145 Min; Color; 35mm) Set in the São Paulo House of Detention during the events of 1992 that lead to the infamous massacre of 111 inmates by riot police, CARANDIRU depicts the lives of prisoners plagued with overcrowding, violence, and the onset of the AIDS epidemic.

Prospector Square Theatre
Director: Kevin Willmott
(USA; 2003; 91 MIN; Color & B/W; Sony HD Cam) What if the South had won the Civil War? Director Kevin Willmott’s satirical pseudo-doc ventures into a not so imaginary antebellum US dominated by an alliance with Hitler, an apartheid-stricken Latin America, and chattel slavery of all non-Aryans.

11:30PM     Feature     EASY
Library Center Theatre
Director: Jane Weinstock
(USA; 2003; 99 MIN; Color; 35m) In this winning ensemble comedy, a flamboyant Australian bisexual television producer is dying to have a baby, but when her girlfriend drops her, she succumbs in a weak moment to a convenient man.

Midnight     Feature     HOME OF PHOBIA
Egyptian Theatre

Director: Ryan Shiraki
(USA; 2004; 93 MIN; Color; 35mm) A straight college student pretends to be gay to win the heart of a beautiful coed, but when he’s unexpectedly targeted for a queer bashing, he learns a lesson no sensitivity class could teach him. Heather Matarazzo and John Goodman co-star.

Midnight     Short     HUMMER (Precedes HOME OF PHOBIA)
Egyptian Theatre
Director: Guinevere Turner
(USA; 2003; 9 MIN; Color; Sony HD Cam) Casey invites her annoying friends over to meet her new "boy" toy.