If your feature film is an Official Selection of a Park City film festival and has queer-content or is queer-made (the director), please send the following information to our Filmmaker Liaison and Graphics department via email kristian@queerlounge.org & graphics@queerlounge.org

  1. Your name, Film Title, Film Festival selected and program, Role/Crew position on film, Contact information in Park City
  2. Director name, Director contact info
  3. Up to 4 names of actors starring in the film
  4. Film format and running time
  5. A 30 to 40 word synopsis. If there is queer-content, please try to include some description.
  6. A list of showtimes (including shorts program title), with venues
  7. A maximum of 3 high-resolution B&W image (300 dpi or better)
  8. Are you, the director or talent available for a panel at The Queer Lounge?
  9. What items below are you mailing?

This material will aid us in editing our program.

If you send these items, you represent that you or the director own the copyright to the materials and acknowledge that The Queer Lounge has the right to edit, publish and display these materials.


The following items if available should be mailed to our P.O. Box address listed below and arrive no later than Wednesday, January 7, 2004.

  1. 2 VHS (1/2") trailer or clips of your short (not to exceed 20 minutes run time)
  2. 3 Posters and/or half sheets. If these are unavailable, please send what you are able to, and/or you can also send up to 10 postcards.

If these items cannot be sent by the deadline, they can be delivered in person to The Queer Lounge preferably by January 15th.

We will also gladly accept other promotional items, such as postcards, t-shirts, etc. at The Queer Lounge and reserve the right to distribute them to our patrons.

Mail to:
The Queer Lounge
P.O. Box 69887
West Hollywood, CA 90069